Alif baa: Introduction to Arabic letters and sounds
All hands on C video workshop: preview module
Alocución al pueblo español [two issues]
Althochdeutsch [selected texts]
Alyosha Gorshok
American culture: the deaf perspective
American dialectology: Recordings from discs made in the 1930s
American English phonetics (McQuown, 1955)
American folk music
American speech [Columbia series]
American speech: Dialect samples: Variations on "Grip the rat" [Victor series]
American tongues: a film about the way we talk
Amharic basic course (Foreign Service Institute): Volume I, Units 1-50
An address in Tarascan [Purepecha]
An anthology of French poetry (third edition); An anthology of French poetry (third edition); An anthology of French poetry (third edition)
An anthology of the poetry of Carlos Drummond de Andrade
An anthropologist views the social scene: “If you don’t hold the frogs in the waterfall as sacred as the human family, you’re doomed”
An Arabic word list (Lebanese) (1964)
An interview with a speaker of Ceylon Tamil; i.e., Sri Lanka Tamil
An introduction to Egyptian Arabic (preliminary edition)
An introduction to Egyptian Arabic (revised edition, 1975)
An introduction to modern Arabic: Supplementary material
An introduction to Moroccan Arabic
An introduction to Pakhto [Pashto] (1984)
An introduction to Persian
An introduction to spoken Bengali (private draft)
An Urdu newspaper reader (1974)
Anatolian and Kurdish music [identified in Turkish]
Ancient Egyptian architecture (Teeter lectures)
André Gide: entretiens avec Jean Amrouche
Andromaque: Act V, scenes 4 and 5 [in two parts]
Anecdotes historiques: "Champignons fameux", etc.
Anecdotes: “Le pesage”, “Trait d’humanité” etc.
Animations for Introduction to sound
ANTH 343: Heal the whole man
Anthologie des poètes français contemporains dits par eux-mêmes
Anthologie sonore: xviie et xviiie siècles: prose
Anthropology lectures (University of Chicago, 1975)
Anthropology lectures (University of Chicago, 1979); Lectures commemorating the 50th anniversary of the University of Chicago Department of Anthropology
Anton Chekhov: Musei-usad’ba
Anton Chekhov: Three short stories
Anton Chekhov: Two short stories
Antonio Prieto, volume VII
Apert vowels
Apert vowels - Karen Landahl research
Apley interviews [film]; Interview microanalysis
Apple interview with Karen Landahl, Michael Ziolkowski and Scott Derwester [unedited]
Apple programs
Apus de soare, adaptare de Mihnea Gheorgiu
Aqueros montagnos--Chanson béarnaise