Chinese readings I (for elementary Chinese for partial beginners)
Chinese sounds (Linguaphone Institute)
Chinese speaking course: Vocabulary, pt. 2
Chinese stress (from C.C. Chao)
Chinese vowels: Lessons 12-14
Chiricahua Apache: Two stories (c. 1935)
Chistes sobre el maíz (Summer 1968)
Chol music, recorded at Tila by Andrés Medina, 4 May 1964
Chol: Vocabulario de Tumbalá (Medina, 1964)
Chong minimal pairs
Christmas service in Mam and Spanish (Guatemala, c. 1953); Nacimiento de Cristo
Christmas tales from Flanders [in Flemish?]
Chuj Maya: Texts (NAH, c.1965)
Chuj Maya: Two filmed conversations among three native speakers
Cicero vs Catiline (American Classical League)
Cinq comédies: du Moyen Age à nos jours
Circling the globe with speech: French II
Circling the globe with speech: French [I]
Circling the globe with speech: Spanish: Volume II
Circling the globe with speech: Spanish: Volume III
Circling the globe with speech: Spanish–Dialogs–I
Circling the globe with speech: Spanish–Simplified II
Citadela sfărîmată (a contemporary play)
Citadela sfărîmată: Piesa de Horia Lovinescu
Clark interviews
CLASS (Computer lab advanced support system)
Class discussion in Greek/Choral music
Class tapes for Introductory Modern Hebrew
Classical Persian poetry: An anthology
Classical Tibetan: Lecture series
Classical Urdu poetry (1977)
Classics of Latin poetry and prose (Caedmon, 1970)
Clear speech: pronunciation and listening comprehension in North American English (second edition): Student’s book
Client: Holly 1/28/1976
Coast (Bodega) Miwok: Vocabulary (Berkeley, 1960)
Code nederlands
Cofán: M.L. Cepek’s field recordings from Ecuador (2001-02)
Collage: lectures littéraires
Collection of private recordings
Collection report: Motion picture films at the Language Laboratories and Archives (2006)
Colloquial Sinhalese (Cornell University)
Com licença! Brazilian Portuguese for Spanish speakers
Comanche interviews (Zide, 1954)
Commentaries on Plato’s Republic, book I: linguistic exposition and vocabulary notes
Communicating in Japanese (version 2): Lessons 1-31
Communicating in Japanese I
Communicating in Japanese II
Communicating in Japanese [first year] (1992 revision)
Communicating in Japanese [volume I]