Bushman music and pygmy music
C. Grangier and N. Di Vito interview Catherine and Basil (June 2005)
C.C. Chao interview with Michael Berger (2002)
ča čak; Ca Cak [Rain ceremony] (Hanks, 1977)
Canción de otoño en primavera
Cante hondo (the flamenco guitar of Juan Serrano)
Canto a Sevilla, con acompañamiento de guitarra
Cantos navideños: Niños Cantores de Morelia
Carmen Flores sings two songs
Carta del tren expreso
Casablanca: Demo and instructional video
Census of the Tzeltal-Tzotzil collection
Centennial Day, 3 October 1991 [University of Chicago]
Čeština hrou: Czech for fun
Chantecler; Chanteclerc [sic]: Fragment (E. Rostand)
Chants sacrés de l’Inde: L’Ecole de Chant Sacré Hindoustani (Indes)
Chapter I of Cien años de soledad
Chewa songs; Nyanja songs
Chewa texts (Andrade, 1930s); Nyanja texts
Chez le dentiste ("Comique scene in French")
CHI 208: Practical Chinese: dialogue II [Mandarin conversation]
Chiapas Project review (July 1961); The Chiapas Project
Chicago dialects - Boogert ’89
Chicago Habla Project (SPA 211)
Chicago videos (WTTW)
Chicago Yucatec Maya project tapes
Child acquisition of language; Karen Peterson's Swahili linguistics research
Child acquisition of speech: Karen Landahl’s field recordings on cassettes
Child acquisition of speech: Karen Landahl’s field recordings on open-reel tapes
Child acquisition of speech: the “Sounds of Science” interview with Karen Landahl
Child imitation of adult speech (Landahl research)
Chinese (Sze Chuan); Chinese: Sichuan dialect samples
Chinese character self-tutor
Chinese course (Linguaphone Institute): Lessons 1 & 2
Chinese customs and traditions [dubs from cassettes]
Chinese dialogues (new version)
Chinese dialogues (special excerpt): only the unpaused dialogues of Lessons 1-24
Chinese dialogues (Yale version)
Chinese dialogues (“accurate” version);
Chinese dialogues [C.C. Chao donation]
Chinese dialogues: Pronunciation and memorization drills (1986)
Chinese dialogues: pronunciation and memorization drills, Nos. 1-8 (1986)
Chinese news translation text, part 1
Chinese primer
Chinese pronunciation
Chinese reader (Beijing version)
Chinese reader [Stanford (paused) version]
Chinese reader, Part I
Chinese reading for beginners