AUA Language Center Thai course
Auditory demonstrations
Australian aborigine field recordings
Aymara Arux Akhamawa: primer nivel (primera edición)
Aymara interviews on video
Azerbaijani miscellany (Indiana University)
Aztec: Stories and counting
Baba evi [At home with Father]
Babička [excerpts]
Bach-Verehrer und Romantiker: Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Baffin Island Inuktitut; Eskimo language course
Bahasa Melayu: Lessons 1-32; Spoken Malay
Balkan 367: final examination (December 17, 1965)
Balkan song: the Serb and Montenegrin tradition
Ballad of the Yellow River
Baluchi language [course] (c. 1960); Baluchioy buni kytab
Basic conversational French (third edition)
Basic conversational French (third edition): en France: illustrated readings
Basic course in Mende (Spears, 1967)
Basic course in Uzbek (Indiana University, 1980)
Basic Hindi-Urdu conversations I-XII
Basic Mohawk vocabulary (Hogansburg, NY, 1977)
Basic Norwegian reader
Basic Persian vocabulary [incomplete]
Basque: Examples for transcription
Batterson - Fletcher - Alley series
Beginning Cairo Arabic
Beginning Chinese reader (John DeFrancis)
Beginning Chinese reader (John DeFrancis) [Set No. 2, incomplete]
Beginning college Spanish: from sounds to structures
Beginning Icelandic conversation course
Beginning Japanese
Beginning Japanese: Part II
Beginning Norwegian (third edition)
Beginning Polish: volume I (revised edition)
Beginning Tamil (Developed version) [Chicago]: Pronunciation and units 1-4; 6-11; Introductory Tamil
Beginning Tamil (Developed version) [Wisconsin]: Units 11-21; Introductory Tamil
Beginning Tamil (Haq: 1963 version) (Brahmin dialect)
Beginning Tamil: Supplementary recordings
Bengal folk songs (with English commentary)
Bengali II readings (c. 1960)
Bengali nursery rhymes (in two parts)
Bengali poetry; Tamil tapes: Conversations (Addiss)
Bengali stories (for the intermediate level)
Bengali: Chittagong dialect recordings (1965); Spoken Bengali
Bengali: Mymensingh dialect recording (P.S. Ray, c. 1962)
Bengali: Mymensingh dialect recording; Spoken Bengali
Bengali: Noakhali dialect recordings; Spoken Bengali
Bengali: Rangpur dialect recording; Spoken Bengali