The “Kurt” tapes

Collection Descriptive Notes
Description of the contents of each tape along with the counter numbers
Collection Technical Notes
Texts are: 1) a photocopy [in approx. 50 copies] of a typescript prepared in the LLA for use of the Introduction to Language Acquisition course, taught in the Spring Quarter, 1989; and 2) a photocopy of the course syllabus. 10/26/89 Videotapes [Scotch EG and EG+ T-120 cassettes] are third-generation copies made from (unspecified) second-generation copies; donated to the LLA by P. Miller in 1989.
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
The “Kurt” tapes Miller, Peggy (researcher); Homer, Steven (transcriber) Text
The “Kurt” tapes Miller, Peggy (researcher) VHS