A primer of newspaper Chinese, revised edition (1967)
A programmed course in Modern Literary Arabic phonology and script (1969): Units 1-4
A programmed course in modern literary Arabic phonology and script (revised edition, 1970)
A programmed course in modern literary Arabic phonology and script (revised edition, 1974)
A reader for advanced spoken Tamil: Five radio plays
A reader in modern literary Arabic (c. 1964)
A reader of Pashto, by H. Penzl, read in the Kandahar style (1984)
A recital of ancient Greek poetry: Read in English translation and in ancient Greek; The living voice of Greek and Latin literature
A Russian area reader
A Russian course: Volume II
A sample text in Abaza (T’a’panta dialect–northwest Caucasus)
A start in Yoruba (preliminary edition)
A Tamil prose reader: Selections from contemporary Tamil prose with notes and glossary
A Tigrinya word list (1979)
A treasury of French Renaissance lyric
A vina concert (with Vedic recitation)
A visit to northeast language labs (Sept. 1988)
A. de Musset: Two poems
A.L. Kroeber and others talk about Edward Sapir (Berkeley, CA, 5/11/59)
Acatec Mayan texts [Kanjobal] (1985-86) ; Akateko
Access to Arabic
Access to the Arab media
Acharnians: Vocabulary tapes
Address by Salikoko Mufwene at the 19th meeting of the Entretiens du XXIe siècle (September 19, 2001): “Quel avenir pour les langues?"
Advanced Arabic readers: Volume 2 (1962)
Advanced Bengali (1961)
Advanced Quichua de Imbabura: Folktales [Lessons 19-33]
Advanced Spanish: Exercises in phonetics and grammar (Cardenas, 1960)
Advanced spoken Swedish
Advanced training in French pronunciation
Advanced Urdu (Naim, 1964-65)
Aguacatec [Awakateko] texts (Andrade, 1937)
Ah! Si l’amour prenait racine (paroles de Charles Fuster)
Aimer: Excerpt from the Géraldy play with an introduction by the author
Ainu: Field recordings from Hokkaido (Hamp, c. 1981)
Aktivt Dansk: en begynderbog i dansk for udenlandske studerende
Al-kitaab (first edition)
Al-kitaab fii Tacallum al-cArabiyya: A texbook for Arabic, Part two
Al-kitaab: A texbook for beginning Arabic, Part one
Al-kitaab: elementary Arabic with listening passages
Albanian atlas questionnaire; Moutsos questionnaire (March 1956)
Albanian atlas questionnaire; Moutsos questionnaire with glosses in Arvanitika (1956)
Albanian samples from Skopje, Macedonia (Hamp, 1955)
Albanian songs and dances from phonograph records [Geg dialect]
Albanian Voice of America broadcasts
Albert Camus reading from his novels and essays
Albert Camus reading in French [2]
Aleko Bimbli sings Albanian songs (1967)
Alexander Galich sings his own songs [in Russian]; Galich in concert
Alexandru Philippide: Citeşte din versurile sale