Les Dogon (recorded in 1956 by François Di Dio)

Collection Descriptive Notes
Les Chants de la Vie (Songs of Life); Le Rituel Funéraire (Funeral Rites). The location of these recordings--as well as the dialect recorded--is unknown. The placeholder code "djm" has been affixed to the .wav file.
Collection Technical Notes
Master is a dub of the twelve-inch, 33⅓ rpm, monophonic disc, Disques OCORA: OCR 33, lent to the LLA by Ms. Hammersley; JJT, rec. eng., Nov. 1972. No text is supplied for the recording.
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
Music of the Dogon (recorded in 1956 by François Di Dio) Di Dio, François (compiler); Unnamed native performers (male and female) (performer) 1/4 inch audio tape