Vladislav Vančura: Obrazy z dějin národa českého

Collection Descriptive Notes
Various native speakers (male and female) read texts pertaining to Czech history apparently written expressly for this album.
Collection Technical Notes
Phonograph record is the 12-inch, 16 2/3 rpm, monophonic vinyl disc issued by Gramafonový Klub: cat. no. Supralong 2 68 0404. WAVE files are now converted to MP3s.
Smolík, František; Karel Höger; Vlasta Fabiánová;
Václav Voska and Radovan Lukavský
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
CZH49.VDV.1.1(M) Vančura, Vladislav (author); Smolík, František (speaker); Höger, Karel (speaker); Fabiánová, Vlasta (speaker); Voska, Václav (speaker); Lukavský, Radovan (speaker); Gramofonvý Klub (developer) Record