Gyurga Pindjourova sings Bulgarian folk songs

Collection Descriptive Notes
Pindjourova sings twelve songs, adapted from folk songs with orchestral accompaniment: “Done, a nightingale is singing”; “I am making a bed for you”; “Sing my birdies”; “I miss you, Yagodo”; “Uncle, it is noontime”; “Brother Ivane”; “Water gushes out from the spring”; “Totsa bleaches cotton cloth at the river”; “Yovo, my daughter”; “A dove is cooing”; “Lead the ring dance”; and “Oh,vast fields”.
Collection Technical Notes
Tape is a dub of the twelve-inch, 33⅓ rpm, monophonic, vinyl disc, Balkanton BHA 1113, lent to the LLA in 1979. (The date of the Balkanton release is unknown.) A photocopy of the back of the album is taped inside the front cover of the tape box. WAVE file is converted to an MP3.
Pindjourova, Gyurga
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
Gyurga Pindjourova sings Bulgarian folk songs Boyadjiev, Georgi (editor); Pindjourova, Gyurga (performer); Todorov, Hr., et al., adaptors; () 1/4 inch audio tape