Bulgarian individualized course: Elementary, intermediate and advanced (Ohio State University)

Collection Descriptive Notes
Various native speakers (male and female) voice the conversations and exercises of Lessons 1A through 62. The lessons are based on the text, A Course in Modern Bulgarian, by Milka Hubenova, et al., Slavica Publishers (Sofia), 1983. [Note: Lesson 23 was inadvertently omitted from this set.]
Collection Technical Notes
Cassettes are a gift from Howard Aronson: Units 1-20 on 3/26/86 and Units 21-30 on 9/1/87. Note: Originally the Lessons 19-26 were considered "Part 3" of the Elementary course, but after they were moved to the Intermediate course (part 1) the beginning slates became confused. In the slating of the digitized files JJT has made the slates reflect the content of the lessons. Even so, Lesson 23 was not provided with this set; rather, Lesson 21 was duplicated (see B/C "A7001399$"). After Lesson 41 "tapes" refer to the sides of a cassette. [Special note: Two WAVE files were done at the 96kHz sampling rate.] WAVE files are now converted to MP3s.
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
Advanced Bulgarian 1: Instructor’s Copy Gribble, Charles E. (researcher); Gribble, Lyubomira Parpulova (researcher) Text
Advanced Bulgarian 1 Gribble, Charles E. (researcher); Gribble, Lyubomira Parpulova (researcher) Text