Content description Contents=Track 1 of the tape (i.e., the one beginning with the Domingo Vasquez Huin interview)
Object Type Sound
Medium Sound
Notes This a redigitization of Track 1 of the tape inasmuch as the first attempt was not done properly. The tape was played at double speed (7.5 ips) on the TASCAM 42. The output of the Channel One jack was split, and the two mono signals were patched into the UCA202 device, which was connected via a USB cable to the iMac running Audacity. JJT subsequently halved the "speed" of the file and shortened the excessive silences between the interviews.
Creation Date 2016-10-19
Duration 00:36:13

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San Bartolo Venustiano Carranza Tzotzil, Spanish Chiapas, Venustiano Carranza