Bachajon 1

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Content description Contents: Track 1: a) Esteban Jimenez (031) supplies the Tzeltal tokens for the Spanish words read by Roberta Montagu. (Date: December 1960) b) Miguel Gutierrez (032) does the same. (Date: 11/29/60) [part 1] Track 2: a) Miguel Gutierrez (032) concludes. [part 2] b) Around the 12-minute mark Montagu begins to read a list of names belonging to Spanish-surnamed people (mostly male) without any indication of the meaning of the list. [Note: The code numbers given (by McQuown) to these two consultants does not correspond the ones in the "Roster".]
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Notes Tape may or may not be the original live recording. (The tape stock consists of two pieces of tape spliced together.) There is a note (in Montagu's handwriting?) in the box with the message: "Akol This was taken on a dying tape recorder. Hope you can play it. The other tapes were taken on an OK machine. This tape is Miguel Gutierrez of Pajcol."

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Bachajon Bachajón Tzeltal, Spanish Chajúl, Chiapas, 39