Chamula 3

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Content description Contents (Note: The number that follows each name is the consultant's assigned serial number.): v Track 1: HOLNAOHTIK Salvador Gómez (697) 7/12/61 Track 1: USWOʔTIK Mariano López (698) 7/13/61 Track 2: ARBENZA Salvador Hernández (699) 7/14/61
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Notes Tape is the original field recording made by McQuown in July 1961. Track 1 begins by McQuown saying, "El Numero Ocho de Chamula; Salvador Gómez Castellano de Holnaohtik". In the middle another recording begins, and McQ says, "El Numero Nueve de Chamula; Uswoʔtik; Mariano López Ventana". A note in the upper right-hand corner of the grid on the back of the box specifies the tape recorder used for these recordings as a Butoba IV.

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Chamula Chamula Tzotzil, Spanish Chiapas, 39