Amatenango 10

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Content description Contents: Center track: [BALHUITZ - Francisco Pérez Gómez (681) In a short recording "REH" (?) elicits Tzotzil tokens from Gómez. (Date: 8/11/58)] AMATENANGO - Florentina Lopez Bautista (492) supplies Tzeltal tokens for the Spanish words read by N. McQuown [part 1 of interview]
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Notes Tape is the original live recording made on a Magnemite tape recorder. Note: The Amatenango interview starts about 1.5 minutes into the track. A note in Norman McQuown's handwriting states: "rest in Amatenango 8". Note: he is almost certainly mistaken: the Lopez interview continues on "Amatenango XI".

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