Aguacatenango VII

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Content description Contents: Center track: a) Mariano Juárez Aguilar (510) recites the "Cuento del Conejo" (in Tzeltal) to Eva Hunt. (Date: 8/10/58) b) The "cuento" is played back phrase-by-phrase on a tape recorder, and Juárez translates each one into Spanish. c) [Balhuitz: Francisco Pérez Gómez [apparently consultant No. 681] supplies the Tzotzil tokens for the Spanish words read by an unnamed male speaker (John Hotchkiss?, Marcelo Díaz de Salas?). Date: 8/10/58]
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Notes Tape is the original live recording made on a Magnemite tape recorder.The handwriting on the back of the box is that of Norman McQuown.

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