Lesson 12, Part 1 COPY MASTER [2]

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Content description Contents: Review of Basic Sentences (Yucatec): Lessons 7-11; Review of Basic Sentences (English): Lessons 7-11; Aural Discrimination Tests 1-6; Oral Production Tests 1-6; Recorded Drills 54-57
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Contributor Blair, Robert W. (author); Blair, Robert W. (speaker); Vermont-Salas, Refugio (author); Vermont-Salas, Refugio (speaker)
Notes Tape is apparently an overlapping (re-)dub from the (edited) studio master (since discarded); JJT, rec. eng., June 1976? (“Inserts O.K. JJT 6/3/76”) Note: The date JJT added to the back of the box ("12-18-69") cannot be correct since it is probably the date of J. Wahl's dub.
Linguistic Data Type Studio Recording
Creation Date 1976-06

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Spoken Yucatec Maya Yucatán Maya, English Campeche