Vedic recitation and chant

Content description Six men chant one or more of the following passages: BAND 1: 1) Ṛg Veda (Invocation to Kubera I) 2) Ṛg Veda (Invocation to Kubera II) 3) Ṛg Veda (Hymn to Agni) 4) Sāma Veda (Hymn to Indra) 5) Sāma Veda (Sacrifice of the Soma) 6) Sāma Veda (Invocation to Kubera) 7) Sāma Veda (Invocation to the Gods) 8) Sāma Veda (Invocation to Rudra, the Destroyer) 9) Sāma Veda (Invocation to Indra, God of Rains and King of Heaven 10) Sāma Veda (Hymn to the Moon) BAND 2: 11) White Yajur Veda (Hymn to Prajāpati, Lord of Creatures 12) White Yajur Veda (Hymn to Brahma) 13) Black Yajur Veda (Invocation preliminary to the magic cult of Nirṛt, the Malevolent Power) 14) White Yajur Veda (Hymn to Ganapati)
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Notes "This copy has been dubbed directly from the 33 1/3 rpm monaural Bärenreiter-Musicaphon disc, BM 30 L 2006." (from the notes on the back of the box.) JJT was the rec. eng.

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