El tzeltal hablado (adapted from C.A. Castro’s ¡Hablemos en Tzeltal!)

Content description Lessons 1-8; Numbers; Lessons 10-14 (recorded by McQuown with two consultants from Oxchuc, using Spanish as the instructional medium)
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Notes Masters are dubs made in the old Lab in the 1950s (?) from the field recordings (q.v.); wound off from the original seven-inch reels onto hubs by JJT on 12/17/73. Note: the spelling of “Carlo-Antonio” follows McQuown’s notes. The field recordings are referenced under “¡Hablemos en tzeltal!”
Creation Date c. 1955

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Oxchuc Oxchuc Tzeltal, Spanish Chiapas, 39