A start in Yoruba (preliminary edition)

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Content description Contents: Title page; Introduction (pp. i-iii); Lessons 1-12 (pages 1-63); “Yoruba: Dialogue”; “Ìyàwó” [a song]; and “Some useful expressions”
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Notes The text consists of 42 sheets comprising 71 pages of printed text: 1) a 38-sheet fascicle containing Lessons 1-12; 2) one sheet of “Dialogue”; 3) one page of musical notation with Yoruba lyrics and 4) two sheets of “useful expressions”. All the texts are probably photocopies of either mimeographed or dittoed originals. The text is currently to be found in the manila folder titled "YOR 2.", which is filed in the vertical file

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A start in Yoruba (preliminary edition) Yoruba, English Africa, Nigeria