A recital of ancient Greek poetry: read in English translation and in ancient Greek (from the series The living voice of Greek and Latin literature)

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Content description Contents: 1) Foreword [Daitz explains how the sounds of ancient Greek have been restored and what principles he adopted in creating these recordings.] 2) The 41 illustrative texts (in Greek only) drawn from: Homer, Mimnermos, Xenophanes, Arkhilokhos, Alkman, Sappho, Alkaios, Anakreon, Simonides, Pindar, Aiskhylos, Sophokles, Euripides and Aristophanes
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Notes Text is the booklet, bound under soft cover, that accompanies the cassettes. It consists of 29 sheets with printing on each side (with three exceptions) (= 58 pages). It is to be found in the folder marked "GRK (CL) 69.SGD.1 & .2", which is located in the Vertical File VF03.

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