Drill materials for Jukun (Takum dialect, Wukari Province, Nigeria)
Drums of the Yoruba of Nigeria (recorded by William Bascom at Oyo in 1951)
DSP Sona-Graph Model 5500: “A speech analysis workstation”
DSP Sona-Graph training tape
du Bellay: Seven poems
Du sollst nicht stehlen
Duellen (from Norsk litteraturantologi)
Dúo Ruiz-Acuña performs Chilean songs
Dutch Yiddish
Dwight Bolinger: “Nondeclaratives from an intonational standpoint” (4/17/82)
Early English poetry [Old and Middle English]
Eastern Assamese readings
Edith Piaf: but not forgotten!
Edo Polytekhneio!
Educators’ roundtable on technology in foreign language education
EDUCOM: The best of ’93
Ein Märchen
Einführung in die georgische Sprache: Volume II
Ejercicios tonales
El alcalde de Zalamea (drama)
El Carmen Yalchuch
El cepillo de dientes (from: Teatro Contemporáneo Series)
El inglés hablado para los que hablan español
El Nahuatl moderno de Milpa Alta
El parque de Maria Luisa
El son entero: a collection of poems by Nicolás Guillén
Elementary Chinese
Elementary Japanese for college students
Elementary modern standard Arabic (revised edition)
Elementary modern standard Arabic [in two parts]
Elementary Oriya (University of Wisconsin)
Elementary Persian grammar
Elementary Polish: practice materials by Mrs. Golab
Elementary Tamil intensive: Basic conversational exchanges–Series 1
Elementary Turkish (Ervin)
Elementary Turkish (Thomas)
Elia Kazan’s production of Archibald MacLeish’s J.B. (and) Thomas Mann reading in German
Elizabeth Hinkelman’s natural conversation videos
Ellenika poiemata: Ho Elytis diavazei Elyti
Ellenika poiemata: Ho Ritsos diavazei Ritso [on two discs]
Ellenika poiemata: K.P. Kavafi [C.P. Cavafy] [on two discs]
Ellenika poiemata: Kostis Palamas [on two discs]
Ellenika poiemata: Seferis diavazei Seferi [on two discs]
Ellenika poiemata: Varnalis diavazei Varnali
En bonne forme (second edition)
En conmemoración del aniversario del 13 de Septiembre de 1923
En flyktning krysser sitt spor (from Norsk litteraturantologi)
En riktig svensk Jul