Bonobo series (1997)
Bora Roganović sings
Borchert’s readings of Chinese texts
Boris A. Slutsky: three poems
Boris Mashalov sings Bulgarian folk songs
Boys and girls are different (AD 2/1/95)
Brain dissection and surface anatomy for the communication sciences [Parts 1 & 2]
Brain imaging: Concepts and applications for speech-language pathology
Brasil! lingua e cultura
Breton language program: computer tape for Breton language data processing
Broadcast transcriptions in “Turkistani” (1952)
Brush up your Spanish (Refresque usted su español)
Bulgarian basic course
Buna texts
Bunraku [puppet theater] [1]
Bunraku [puppet theater] [2]
Burg Wartenstein 1967
Burg Wartenstein 1967 (07/27/1967)
Burmese: Intro to spoken language
Burushaski: original recordings
Bushman music and pygmy music
C. Grangier and N. Di Vito interview Catherine and Basil (June 2005)
Cairo Arabic
Cante hondo (the flamenco guitar of Juan Serrano)
Cantos navideños: Niños Cantores de Morelia
Carmen Flores sings two songs
Casablanca: Demo and instructional video
Cayapó sound track
Centennial Day, 3 October 1991 [University of Chicago]
Centro de Estudios Históricos: Archivo de la palabra: Sección autofónica. Primera serie
Čeština hrou: Czech for fun
Chanteclerc: Fragment
Chants sacrés de l’Inde: L’Ecole de Chant Sacré Hindoustani (Indes)
Chapter I of Cien años de soledad
Chewa songs
Chewa texts
Chez le dentiste
CHI 208: Practical Chinese: dialogue II [Mandarin conversation]
Chicago dialects - Boogert ’89
Chicago Habla Project (SPA 211)
Chicago poets onstage
Chicago videos (WTTW)
Chicago Yucatec Maya project tapes
Child acquisition of speech: Karen Landahl’s field tapes