Ballad of the Yellow River
Basic conversational French (third edition)
Basic conversational French (third edition): en France: illustrated readings
Basic course in Mende
Basic course in Uzbek
Basic Hindi-Urdu conversations I-XII
Basic Mohawk vocabulary
Basic Norwegian reader
Basque: examples for transcription
Batterson - Fletcher - Alley series
Beginning Chinese
Beginning Chinese reader
Beginning college Spanish: from sounds to structures
Beginning Icelandic conversation course
Beginning Japanese
Beginning Japanese: part II
Beginning Norwegian (third edition)
Beginning Polish: volume I (revised edition)
Beginning Tamil (Brahmin dialect)
Beginning Tamil (developed version) [1]
Beginning Tamil (developed version) [2]
Beginning Tamil: “Tamil conversation”
Bengal folk songs
Bengal folk songs: songs of the Patuas (or Citrakaras) of Tamluk, Midnapore District, West Bengal
Bengali II readings
Bengali miscellaneous
Bengali nursery rhymes (in two parts)
Bengali stories (for the intermediate level)
Bengali: dialect readings
Beowulf, Caedmon’s hymn and other Old English poems
Beowulf, read in Old English by Kemp Malone
Berkeley Miwok series: Lake Miwok and Bodega Miwok
Berkeley Miwok series: Northern Sierra Miwok
Berkeley Miwok series: Southern Sierra Miwok
Beyond the mind’s eye: a computer animation odyssey
Bhargava’s standard illustrated dictionary of the English language: Anglo-Hindi edition (twelfth edition)
Bhargava’s standard illustrated dictionary of the Hindi language: Hindi-English edition (revised and enlarged)
Bier, Fussball und Kultur: Ein Porträt der Ruhrmetropole Dortmund
Birds (from the series The living voice of Greek and Latin literature)
Black Carib dialogue
Black English: Samples (1940)
Blålys (from Norsk litteraturantologi)
Blåpapiret; Konkylien (and) Oppbrudd (from Norsk litteraturantologi)
Blgarski narodni govori
Bol-caal kii Hindii (University of Wisconsin)
Bolum (Sierra Leone) samples
Bon bast (for elementary and intermediate students)
Bonobo people
Bonobo series