An introduction to Pakhto [Pashto]
An introduction to Persian
An introduction to spoken Bengali (private draft)
An Urdu newspaper reader
Anatolian and Kurdish music [identified in Turkish]
Ancient Egyptian architecture (Teeter lectures)
André Gide: entretiens avec Jean Amrouche
Andromaque: Act V, scenes 4 and 5 [in two parts]
Anecdotes historiques [II]: “Style rapide”, “Une addresse utile” (and) “La prestidigitation”
Anecdotes [I]: “Le pesage” and “Trait d’humanité”
Animations for Introduction to sound
ANTH 343: Heal the whole man
Anthologie sonore: xviie et xviiie siècles: prose
Anthropological linguistics (for broadcast on the Voice of America)
Anthropology lectures (1964-1979)
Anton Chekhov: Musei-usad’ba
Anton Chekhov: Short stories
Anton Chekhov: Three short stories
Anton Chekhov: Two short stories
Antonio Prieto, volume VII
Apert vowels
Apert vowels - Karen Landahl research
Apple programs
Apus de soare, adaptare de Mihnea Gheorgiu
Aqueros montagnos: chanson béarnaise
Arbëresh interviews (Vaccarizzo, Cosenza Province, Italy, July-August 1952)
Arbëresh/Gangale series
Archivo de la palabra: Centro de Estudios Históricos: Sección autofónica. Secunda serie
Armenian (Eastern) (Pimsleur Language Programs)
Arvanitika samples from Lata, Evvoia (Greece) (c. 1956)
Arvanitika: the Sofiko-to-Steiri series
Ashura at Skardu (J.R. Perry)
ASLRTC video proceedings
Assamese language: Pattern drills
Athalie: act II, scene 7: “Comment vous nommez-vous?”
Athalie: two scenes from Act II
AUA Language Center Thai course
Auditory Demonstrations
Australian aborigine field recordings
Aymara Arox Akhamawa: primer nivel (primera edicion) [first level (first edition)]
Aymara interviews on video
Azerbaijani miscellany (Indiana University)
Aztec: Stories and counting
Baba evi
Babička [excerpts]
Bach-Verehrer und Romantiker: Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Bahasa Melayu
Balkan 367: final examination (December 17, 1965)
Balkan song: the Serb and Montenegrin tradition