Acharnians: Vocabulary tapes
Advanced Arabic reader, volume 2: expository writing and social trends
Advanced Bengali readings
Advanced Bulgarian (Ohio State University)
Advanced Quichua de Imbabura
Advanced Spanish: exercises in phonetics and grammar
Advanced Spanish: exercises in phonetics and grammar [tapescripts]
Advanced spoken Swedish
Advanced training in French pronunciation
Advanced Urdu
Aguacatec texts (words, phrases, text)
Aguacatenango stress patterns [Tzeltal]
Ah! Si l’amour prenait racine (paroles de Charles Fuster)
Ainu field tapes, recorded in Tomikawa and Tokoro, Hokkaido (?), Japan, c. 1981
Aktivt Dansk: en begynderbog i dansk for udenlandske studerende
Al-kitaab (first edition)
Al-kitaab fii Tacallum al-cArabiyya: A texbook for Arabic, Part two
Al-kitaab: A texbook for beginning Arabic, Part one
Al-kitaab: elementary Arabic with listening passages
Albanian (Rečice)
Albanian lessons (+ Polish Voice of America)
Albanian samples from Skopje, Macedonia (1961)
Albanian songs and dances from phonograph records [Geg dialect]
Albanian songs sung by Aleko Bimbli (7/28/67)
Albanian Voice of America broadcasts
Albert Camus reading from his novels and essays
Albert Camus reading in French
Alexandru Philippide: Citește din versurile sale
Alif baa: Introduction to Arabic letters and sounds
All hands on C video workshop: preview module
Alyosha Gorshok
American Academy of Psychotherapists tape library [texts]
American culture: the deaf perspective
American folk music
American speech [Columbia series]
American speech [Victor series]
American tongues: a film about the way we talk
Amharic basic course (Foreign Service Institute)
An anthology of French poetry (third edition)
An anthology of the poetry of Carlos Drummond de Andrade
An anthropologist views the social scene: “If you don’t hold the frogs in the waterfall as sacred as the human family, you’re doomed”
An Arabic word list (Lebanese)
An interview with a speaker of Ceylon Tamil
An introduction to Egyptian Arabic (a preliminary edition)
An introduction to Egyptian Arabic (first edition [?])
An introduction to modern Arabic: supplementary material
An introduction to Moroccan Arabic