A basic course in Moroccan Arabic

Collection Descriptive Notes
Under the supervision of the Geertzes, a native speaker (male) reads model sentences from Lessons 26-40, while a number of American (?) students attempt to imitate the teacher. The text used here is apparently the 1965 edition of A Basic Course in Moroccan Arabic, by Richard S, Harrell, Mohammed Abu-Talib, and William S. Carroll (Washington, D.C.: Georgetown Unversity Press).
Collection Technical Notes
Masters are three tapes on seven-inch reels apparently dubbed in 1967 from field recordings supplied by Clifford Geertz. The WAVE files have been converted to (unreviewed) MP3s.
Geertz, Clifford; Mrs. [?] Geertz and (unnamed) recordist(s)
This collection has no playable audio.