Quiché: 100-word lists

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Consult the List of Consultants for the identity of the consultants and their home towns.
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MYN 82.HHG.MSC.1.1 (OT) López, Francisco (consultant); Manuel Martín, Mateo (consultant); Montejo, Marcelino (consultant); Ramírez, Alberto (consultant); Pérez, Marcos (consultant); Pérez, José (consultant); Pérez, Hilario (consultant); Santizo, Francisco (consultant) Guatemala 1/4 inch audio tape
MYN 82.HHG.MSC.1.2 (OT) Pedro, Juan (consultant); Bartolomé, Gaspar (consultant); Francisco, Sebastián (consultant); López García, Pascual (consultant); Vicente, Raymundo (consultant) Guatemala 1/4 inch audio tape
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