Gutob field recordings from Norman H. Zide (1962-64)

Collection Descriptive Notes
Richard DeArmond (and Norman Zide?) and Indian colleagues elicit vocabulary items and sentences from native speakers and also record their conversations. The location is Odisha State in India in the early 1960s.
Collection Technical Notes
These are the original field recordings (stored in 8mm film cans), which were donated to the LLA by Norman Zide in 2000. The numbering of the tapes is Zide's. Special note regarding the five tapes given the title "No. 10" (Gutob Songs): it is impossible at this time to determine which is the best copy and which are secondary copies.--JJT 7/22/14. Note also: The tape previously marked "Gutob #11" turned out to be in the Sora/Juraya languages (q.v.); the tape previously marked Gutob #1 Unnumbered" turned out to be in Mundari. Note: private communication from Mr. Zide further specifies Gutob's language group as “South Munda” languages. The handwriting on the little slips of paper in and on the cans may be that of Zide (cf. the Korku boxes). Note: All the WAVE files have been converted to MP3s.
This collection has no playable audio.