Gorum field recordings (with one Gadba passage)

Collection Descriptive Notes
1) On back of box: PARENGA -#1-63; words-tone; 2) On back of box: PARENGA #2-63; his marriage; birth of child; story; cake; death; gods 3) Insert in reel: Gorum stories in vill. / 1963 [pencilled note on slip of paper]. On the tape the village is identifiedas “Simla” 4) On spine of box: PARENGI #1 - word-list; On back of box: PARENGI #1: Side 1- includes samples of Parengi & Gadba & Parengi (word-list); Side 2: Parengi (word-list) informant: male; 5) On top of box: Go; On back of box: /Arlene R. R0schenbaum; Parenga Text: 1) story of old man & old woman 2) words for Spectrograph; stories etc 6) On top of can: Go; Inside can: story; w. advice to; girl not to; loaf around [?]; when parents... tiger & the jackal story 7) On top of can: GO #1 1967 On reel: Gorum 1967 TAPE 1 8) On top of can: Go. TAPE II / 1967 9) Inset in reel: Gorum X; Part II ?; VURU [?] Story 10) Inserts in reel: Go. Xa; Gorum texts and songs (2 sides)
Collection Technical Notes
Tapes are field recordings made by Arlene Zide between 1962 and the late 1970s (1960s?). They were donated to the LLA in December of 2005 by Norman Zide. The WAVE files are now converted to MP3s.