A. Bimbli’s interviews with Kostas Kazazis (July-August 1967)

Collection Descriptive Notes
In recordings made perhaps in his office on the University of Chicago campus, Kostas Kazazis interviews Bimbli, who is speaking his native Tosk Albanian. Topics include: elections in Albania, agriculture and commerce in Albania, the Albanian Communist Party, the position of women in Albania, religion in Albania, minorities, etc.
Collection Technical Notes
The tapes--part of the Kazazis legacy of 28 January 2003--are the original, live recordings. The Eastman Kodak stock on which they were recorded is badly dried out and may no longer be playable after they were run for digitizing. Note: All the WAVE files have been converted to MP3s.
Kazazis, Kostas; Aleko Bimbli, et al.