Arvanitika: the Sofiko-to-Steiri series

Collection Descriptive Notes
Eric Hamp does a survey of Arvanitika dialects on the road between Sofiko and Steiri (March-April 1956).
Collection Technical Notes
These masters comprise: 1) twelve of the fifteen original field recordings on five-inch reels and 2) a 7.5-minute fragment at the beginning of the first "Tsakonian" tape. All recordings were made in Greece in the spring of 1956. (The first three tapes have been entered in the database separately as the "Moutsos Questionnaire (March 1956)" series.) Mrs. Margot Hamp was the one who operated the tape recorder, which was probably a Magnemite--not a Butoba as previously believed. Hamp's field notes accompanying the "Laographia" readings have been scanned, and MP3 versions of the WAVE files have now been prepared.