An introduction to Egyptian Arabic (first edition [?])

Collection Descriptive Notes
A woman and a man, speaking English, introduce the lessons, which are voiced by one (or more?) native speakers (male). The recordings accompany (most probably) Abdel-Massih's text of 1975. The contents are: Part I: Phonology drills 1-8; Part II: Introductory units, Greetings; Units 1-20; Part III: Texts 1-43; Part IV: Proverbs 1-40 [Proverbs 41-100 are missing from the tape.]
Collection Technical Notes
Masters are the cassettes prepared (c. 1983?) at the Michigan Media facility at Ann Arbor and added to the LLA collection on 5/24/83. Since the last cassette lacked recording on Side B, Proverbs 41-100 were recorded at the LLA as a supplement in 1985.