Villa Las Rosas (Pinola) Spanish and Tzeltal COPIES

Collection Descriptive Notes
A number of interviewers (male and female) elicit vocabulary from a number of native speakers (male and female). The dialect specified here is "Tzeltal sureño".
Collection Technical Notes
It is not clear whether these tapes, though labeled "copies", may not in fact be the DMA's only copies. In 1976 Franklin McCabe Lee tight-wound these tapes to improve preservation. Special note: See I.D.#4616, where Day mentions the completion of his MA paper on Tzeltal. (Unreviewed and partial) WAVE files are converted to MP3s.
Villatoro, Belisario, et al.
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Languages Contributor Medium
PIN 1: Chris Day tape COPY Tzeltal, Spanish Jiménez Velasco, Nazario (560) (958) (consultant); González Santis, Hilario (544) (954) (consultant); Hernandez Montoya, Bricio (542) (consultant); Day, Christopher (interviewer) 1/4 inch audio tape
PIN 2 COPY Tzeltal, Spanish López, Agustín (825) (consultant); Hernández Montoya, Bricio (542) (consultant); Garcia Montoya, Alberto (843) (consultant); McQuown, Norman A. (interviewer) 1/4 inch audio tape
PIN 3 Tzeltal, Spanish, English González Santis, Hilario (544) (954) (consultant); Juárez, Pedro (844) (consultant); Day, Christopher (interviewer); López, Juan (no code number) (consultant); Unnamed male speaker (male) (participant) 1/4 inch audio tape
PIN 4 COPY Tzeltal, Spanish Montoya, Alberto Garcia (843) (consultant); Hermitte, Esther (interviewer); Solano, Milo (537) (consultant); Hernandez Montoya, Bricio (542) (consultant); McQuown, Norman A. (interviewer); Unnamed male speaker (interviewer) 1/4 inch audio tape
PIN 5 COPY Tzeltal, Spanish González Santis, Hilario (544) (consultant); Bautista Santis, Enrique (554) (consultant); Hernández Montoya, Bricio (542) (consultant); Hermitte, Esther (interviewer) 1/4 inch audio tape
PIN 6: 200-words COPY Gómez Ara, Juan (558) (consultant); Montoya Méndez, Pioquinto (562) (consultant); Santis, Eleuterio (consultant); Mendez Santis, Mateo (548) (consultant); Bautista, Enrique (554) (consultant); Santis Tobilla, Guadalupe (552) (consultant); Bautista Santis, Ernestina (546) (955) (consultant); Rodriguez Santis, Petrona (550) (consultant); de la Cruz Hernández, Francisco (557) (consultant) 1/4 inch audio tape
PIN 7 COPY Tzeltal, Spanish McQuown, Norman A. (interviewer); Villatoro, Belisario (consultant); Jiménez, Nicario (consultant); Hermitte, Esther (interviewer); Santis-Méndez, Margarita (consultant); Bautista, Augustina (consultant); Pérez González, Lucia (consultant); Méndez, Petrona (consultant); González, Hilario (consultant); Tovilla Bautista, Juan (consultant); Núñez, Dominga (consultant); Solano, Emilio (consultant) 1/4 inch audio tape
PIN 8 COPY Núñez, Dominga (recorder) 1/4 inch audio tape
Pinola 2: Chris Day COPY Hernandez, Bricio (542) (consultant); González, Hilario (544) (consultant); Jimenez Velasco, Nazario (560) (958) (consultant); Day, Christopher (researcher) 1/4 inch audio tape
Pinola Tzeltal II COPY Montoya, Juan (recorder); Jiménez, Maria (recorder) 1/4 inch audio tape