Prayer in Tzotzil to cure čonbilal č’ulelal

Collection Descriptive Notes
Köhler, speaking English, introduces this recording with the words: "Prayer in Tzotzil to cure čonbilal č’ulelal, a kind of illness caused by the fact that one or more of the souls of the patient have been sold; sung by Mariano Gómez Takiwah from San Pablo Chalchuitán, Chiapas, Mexico; recorded on February 22nd, 1971, by Ulrich Köhler". At the end of the recording Köhler gives a reference to a book with the text and interpretation of the prayer.
Collection Technical Notes
The DMA's master tape is a copy apparently made for N.A. McQuown by Köhler. The text (pp. 44-96) is an excerpt of the full typescript made to accompany the tape.
Gómez Takiwah, Mariano