Rand Foster’s Nahuatl field recordings

Collection Descriptive Notes
Foster interviewed a large number of native speakers (male and female) in the Distrito Federal of Mexico City in 1971.
Collection Technical Notes
Tapes are the 25 original field recordings made by Foster in the Distrito Federal of Mexico City (plus two miscellaneous tapes made elsewhere and by other researchers).
This collection has no playable audio.
Titlesort descending Contributor Medium
foster10 Sound
foster11 Sound
foster12a Sound
foster12b Sound
foster13a Sound
foster13b Sound
foster14 Sound
foster15a Sound
foster15b Sound
foster16a Sound
foster16b Sound
foster17a Sound
foster17b Sound
foster18a Sound
foster18b Sound
foster19a Sound
foster19b Sound
foster1a Sound
foster1b Sound
foster2 Sound
foster20a Sound
foster20b Sound
foster21a Sound
foster21b Sound
foster22a Sound