Tzetzal (Pinolteco)

Collection Descriptive Notes
Stories told in both Tzeltal and Spanish by several native consultants
Collection Technical Notes
Masters have been dubbed from the 3 3/4 ips half-track field recordings on five-inch reel supplied by N.A. McQuown.
Bautista, Ernestina, et al.
This collection has no playable audio.
Titlesort descending Locations Medium
TZE (PNL) 41.MCQ.1.2 (M) Chiapas 1/4 inch audio tape
TZE 81.RRH.AMT.1.2 (M) Chiapas 1/4 inch audio tape
TZE(PNL) 41.MCQ.1.1(M) Chiapas 1/4 inch audio tape
tze-mcq-1.1 Sound
tze-mcq-1.2 Sound
tze-rrh-1.2 Sound
Tzeltal: Villa Las Rosas 1/4 inch audio tape
tzh-lasrosas Sound