Quiche dialect survey (1964-65)

Collection Descriptive Notes
Interviews with numerous native speakers were recorded in Guatemala at: Almolonga, Chicacao, Santo Tomás la Unión, Samayac, Zunilito, Pueblo Nuevo, San Gabriel, Cuyotenango, San Felipe, San Sebastian, El Palmar, Santa Cantarina Ixtahuacan, Nahuala, San Antonio Ilotenango, Patzité, Chichicastenango, Momostenango, San Cristobal, Quiche, Santa Cruz del Quiche. These recordings were specifically made for excerpting and inclusion in the "Listening In" sections of the Spoken Quiché course.
Collection Technical Notes
Few if any of the reels in this collection identify the creator(s). The same holds for dates of their creation. No indications on container material nor on the audio file. Identification of speakers and Location are included on both box and audio recording. A text on file lists the tapes and the place of recording.
Various consultants from the locales listed below
This collection has no playable audio.
Titlesort descending Contributor Locations Medium
Qu-1-OC (QUI 85.WAC.I [OC] (OT)) Pascual, Juan (consultant); Ruiz, Rosalio (consultant) Quetzaltenango 1/4 inch audio tape
qu-1-oc.wav Sound
Qu-10-A-LE-Z (QUI 85.WAC.12 [A-LE-Z] (OT)) Gonon, José Ixtababan (consultant); López, Antonio (consultant); Xibir, Juan (consultant) Guatemala 1/4 inch audio tape
qu-10-a-le-z.wav Sound
Qu-11-O (QUI 85.WAC.13 [O] (OT)) Cux, Martin (consultant); Mendez, Tomas (consultant); Mendez, Marta de (consultant) Quetzaltenango 1/4 inch audio tape
qu-11-oa Sound
qu-11-ob Sound
Qu-12-O (QUI 85.WAC.14 [O] (OT)) Pascual, Juan (consultant) Quetzaltenango 1/4 inch audio tape
qu-12-o Sound
Qu-13-M (QUI 85.WAC.15 [M] (OT)) Abac, Maria Magdalena (consultant); Castro, Enrique (consultant) Guatemala 1/4 inch audio tape
qu-13-ma Sound
qu-13-mb Sound
Qu-13a-M Zárate, Abraham (consultant); Sárate, Braulio (consultant); Gonzalez, Francesco Tzun (consultant); Vicente, Pedro Sabino (consultant); Cochojil-González, Remigio (interviewer) Totonicapán 1/4 inch audio tape
qu-13a-ma Sound
qu-13a-ma Sound
Qu-14-SC (QUI 85.WAC.16 [SC] (OT)) Sapan, Javier (consultant); Chial, Nicolas (consultant); Sapán, Florencio (consultant); Cucarnauan Cuc, Maria (consultant); Sarche Mario, José (consultant) San Cristóbal Totonicapán 1/4 inch audio tape
qu-14-sca Sound
qu-14-scb Sound
Qu-15-SC Puag, Carmen (consultant); Chuvil, Pablo Enriquez (consultant); Argueta, Pascual San (consultant) San Cristóbal Totonicapán 1/4 inch audio tape
Qu-16-SC-Qu-SC (QUI 85.WAC.18 [SC.QU.SC] (OT)) Mejia, Juan Juarez (consultant); Nasara, J. Teodoro Tistoj (consultant); Tecun, Adrian (consultant); Ordoñez, Pedro (consultant); Gomez, Eluterio (consultant); Mejia, Juana (consultant); Juarez, David (consultant); Cortez, Lorenzo (consultant); Cotuc, Gregorio (consultant); Utatlan, Santa Lucia (consultant); Sacapulas, Mateo Lux (consultant); Sacapulas, Santiago Lux (consultant); Sapón, Santiago (consultant); Sapón, Felipa de (consultant) San Cristóbal Totonicapán, Quetzaltenango, Sololá, Santa Cruz del Quiché 1/4 inch audio tape
qu-16-sc-qu-sca Sound
qu-16-sc-qu-scb Sound
Qu-17-SC-Cal-Coate-C (QUI 85.WAC.19 [SC.CAL.COATE.SC] (OT)) Velasquez, Felicidad Tamara (consultant); Navarro, Martin (consultant); Navarro, Eulogio (consultant); Godiñez, Loida (consultant); Colop, Moises (consultant) San Cristóbal Totonicapán, Coatepeque, Quetzaltenango 1/4 inch audio tape
qu-17-sc-cal-coate-ca Sound
qu-17-sc-cal-coate-cb Sound