A reader for advanced spoken Tamil: five radio plays

Collection Descriptive Notes
Each play (“aaru maNikkuL”, “singiL Tii”, “enrum muppatu”, “cuvarroTTi”, and “viiTTu taraku”) is presented as broadcast (from Trichy station of All-India Radio in the winter and spring of 1966) with each scene followed by a slow reading of the scene and variation drills. The text, by Harold Schiffman is now to be found in Regenstein Library.
Collection Technical Notes
Masters were dubbed from the 3.75 ips, half-track copies sent from the U. of Washington and lent to the LLA by James Lindholm; JJT, rec. eng., winter 1972. Note: the spelling of the plays’ titles conforms to the conventions of Schiffman’s text.
Various recordists (unnamed)