A first reader in Tamil (pilot version; Shenbagam; formal)

Collection Descriptive Notes
Native speaker voices selected lessons from an (unidentified) earlier version of the text using the formal style of discourse.
Collection Technical Notes
Masters are the tapes sent from the University of Wisconsin--Madison?; wound off onto hubs from the original seven-inch reels by JJT on 6/29/76. “These recordings differ from the final version in some idioms and follow a numbering system entirely different.”--from the Reel 2 box. Note: At the beginning of Tape 1 the speaker says, "Tamil lessons for second year". Note: the term "pilot version" was assigned to these tapes in 1976 by James Lindholm in his global survey of all the Tamil tapes recorded up to that time.
Shenbagam, (Mrs.) Kousalya
This collection has no playable audio.
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TAM15A2 Sound
Lessons 5-19 Shenbagam, Kousalya (speaker); Haq, Mythili A. (author); Ramanujan, A.K. (author) Tamil Nadu, Wisconsin 1/4 inch audio tape
Lessons 1-4 Shenbagam, Kousalya (speaker); Ramanujan, A.K. (author); Haq, Mythili A. (author) Tamil Nadu, Wisconsin 1/4 inch audio tape