Beginning Tamil (developed version) [2]

Collection Descriptive Notes
Author (Haq) voices Units 11-21, continuing the series begun at Chicago (q.v.). These are "recordings made at the University of Wisconsin in July 1965 by Mythili Haq as an expansion of the Beginning Tamil course by Ramanujan. [These recordings are based, however, on a pilot version of A First Reader in Tamil, read in both written and spoken Brahmin.]"--from the back of the Reel 17 box
Collection Technical Notes
Masters are the copies sent from the University of Wisconsin; transferred from the original seven-inch reels to hubs by JJT in July 1976. Note: the slate on the tapes says “Introductory Tamil”. Note also: the Unit 11 recorded here differs in content from the Unit 11 of the Chicago series. For further information consult the letter from Wisconsin in the folder "Tamil (Wisconsin)" in JJT's desk.
Haq, Mythili