Field-recorded Huastec

Collection Descriptive Notes
Native speakers from Veracruz State relate their life stories, narrate folktales and other stories, and recite word-lists. The locales represented are: Chinampa, San Antonio, Tamaletón, Tampemoch, Tancoco, Tancanhuitz, and Zacamixtle. Note: In McQuown's usage "text" or "texto" refers to a discrete passage of spoken language.
Collection Technical Notes
Phonograph records are 31 aluminum discs, all belonging to the "Fairchild Professional Record" brand ("Licensed by Kemsen Corp."). (It is not known why there is no Disc No. 31, but at the same time a Disc No. 32.) Sides "A" and "B" are determined by the embossed label in the middle of each disc, Side A being the one with the raised embossing. Note: in the 1950s an (almost complete) set of tape dubs was made from the discs. The documents previously tucked into the seven-inch boxes and two record sleeves have now been scanned (q.v.). The WAVE files are now converted to MP3s.
Ceferino, Manuel; Aguilar Altamirano; Higinio Hernández;
J. Victor Saldaña; Ignacio Angel; Solis Agustin; Juan Salvador; Herculano Pablo, consultants