Chol music

Collection Descriptive Notes
Special excerpts from Medina’s field recording of 4 May 1964 at Tila: 1) Guitar and Violin, and 2) Drum and Flute
Collection Technical Notes
The location of the original recording is unknown.--JJT 2/18/09
This collection has no playable audio.
Titlesort descending Medium
CHL (TI).TL.1.1 (M) 1/4 inch audio tape
cti-5000 Sound
cti-900a Sound
cti-900b Sound
Drum and flute music 1/4 inch audio tape
drum_and_flute Sound
Flauta y tambor 1/4 inch audio tape
flauta_tambor_musica Sound
Guitar and violin (CHL (TI).GV.1.1 (M)) 1/4 inch audio tape
misc-010 Sound